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Huiyeda undertakes Shanxi cooling tower and FRP anticorrosion project
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Taiyuan Huiyeda Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Co., Ltd. is located one kilometer from the exit of Xinlan Road, Northwest Ring Expressway, Taiyuan. The company covers an area of 16,000 square meters and has the most advanced winding equipment in China. Among them, there are 12 senior engineers. Since its establishment in 1998, the company has been seeking development with science, survival with products, seeking benefits from internal management, and winning praise from customers in the society with excellent service.
The main products produced by Huiyeda are: various types of FRP cooling towers, wind and dust suppression walls, mechanical winding, pipe containers, cable protection pipes, water tanks, fans, FRP special-shaped products, as well as various FRP anticorrosive projects , fire exhaust Smoke works.
>> Industry knowledge
> Product introduction and advantages of FRP anti-corrosion purlin
> Why does Huiyeda FRP cooling tower have a long service life?
> The problem of no filler modification of FRP cooling tower
> What are the advantages of FRP cooling towers?
> What are the functions of FRP cooling towers?
> How to choose fan for FRP cooling tower
> Causes of FRP cooling tower cracks and preventive measures
> FRP cooling tower classification and purchase precautions
> Installation of septic tanks-Shanxi Huiyeda FRP Company reminds you
> Fiberglass septic tanks advantages
>> Industry News
> Introduction of energy-saving steel structure glass fiber reinforced plastic cooling tower
> GRP Stirring With the development of the times, the market is getting wider and wider
> The advantages of Shanxi FRP cooling tower
> The first domestic seawater high-receiving cooling tower was successfully constructed to the top
> Development of new materials
> Coking enterprises build wind and dust suppression walls to complete environmental governance tasks
> Enterprises consider the overall situation, wind and dust suppression walls help reduce non-groups on the road
> Taiyuan Huiyeda Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Co., Ltd
> Inner Mongolia Qinghua Group uses wind and dust suppression wall project to improve coal yard dust
> SMC glass fiber reinforced plastic helmet products first appeared in Shanghai
>> Technology Innovation
> Magnetization technology of cooling tower
> The difference between FRP anticorrosion and glass flake anticorrosion
> FRP anticorrosive operation
> What are the advantages of FRP cooling towers?
> The main structural part of epoxy glass fiber reinforced plastic anticorrosion
> FRP materials should be used in marine anticorrosive engineering
> Several methods to easily distinguish fake and inferior FRP cable ducts
> Transportation, installation, pressure test and maintenance of FRP pipes
> Emerging materials are listed in one of the 8 hottest industries in the world in the future
> The first composite Airbus A400M military transport aircraft makes its first flight

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Taiyuan Huiyeda FRP Co., Ltd. Address: West of Yuwen Village, Baiban Township, Jiancao District, Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province Key Products: FRP cooling tower , Shanxi FRP anticorrosion , FRP fire water tank
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